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National Service Scheme

Government College Madappally has two NSS units (Unit Nos 11 & 127) with a stregth of 200 students. Each member of NSS has to attend a minimum of 120 hours of activities and compulsory special camping programme for 7 days during Christmas holidays. Both units of NSS are committed to the betterment of the community for which the regularly organized several extension and outreach programmes. Each member is an active contributor to the well being of the society outside and the members are sensitized to various social and environmental issues.


Blood Donation Forum – NSS Madappally


“A drop of love to save a life”
To inculcate the values like humanity, self-service to community, the NSS units of Government College Madappally formed a Blood Donation Forum and effectively maintained a readily available blood group database in which the various blood group of teachers and students are recorded along with their contact details so that any needy person could receive it easily on contacting the forum.